Special Offer! Get 12 Issues of The Oldie for just £12 – And Help to Save Shakespeare Magazine!

That’s right, we have a very special offer for you. Shakespeare Magazine readers can now get 12 issues of beloved British periodical The Oldie for just £12*. This is a saving of £45 on the cover price. And, even better, when you take out your subscription, The Oldie will give Shakespeare Magazine £15!

To order this subscription right now, you simply need to go HERE.

* For overseas subscribers (ie outside the UK), the offer is 12 issues of The Oldie for £24.


[To clarify the offer. You will receive 12 issues for £12 (a saving of £45.00 on the shop price of £57.00). If you do not wish to continue receiving The Oldie after your 12 issues for £12, you can cancel your subscription and pay not a penny more. But if you want to continue to subscribe after your first 12 issues, you need do nothing and your subscription will automatically carry on at the low rate of £42.50 every 12 issues (saving 25%) until you decide otherwise. The 12 issues for £12 are yours to keep and Shakespeare Magazine will be given £15 by The Oldie, whatever you choose to do after receiving your first 12 issues.]

To get 12 issues of The Oldie for just £12* and help Shakespeare Magazine, just click HERE!


The Oldie magazine was started 25 years ago by the great Richard Ingrams, the former Editor of Private Eye.

The Oldie has developed an extraordinary talent to amuse, with some of Britain’s greatest writers gracing its pages: Craig Brown, Gyles Brandreth and Virginia Ironside. You may well enjoy Lucinda Lambton’s regular Overlooked Britain feature.
“You won’t get retirement advice or tips on fighting old age,” says Editor Harry Mount. “Oldies aren’t grumpies, but we are liberated by age to say the unsayable. The Oldie has no political agenda. You will get buckets of laughs.”
*For readers outside the UK, the offer is 12 issues for £24.

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