Shakespeare Magazine makes a guest appearance at Shakespeare Counterstream Symposium in Istanbul, Turkey

symposium poster
This month saw Istanbul’s Boğaziçi University commemorate the Bard’s birthday by hosting a symposium titled “Shakespeare: Counterstream”.

The program contained speeches made by students and academics on topics including “Mark-it-in: Pop Culture and Shakespeare” and “From Global to Local: Adapting Shakespeare”.

Shakespeare Magazine even made an appearance at the symposium via Cansu Kutlualp, a loyal and enthusiastic Turkish reader of the magazine.

Cansu Kutlualp (second left) at the symposium.

Cansu Kutlualp (second left) at the symposium.

Cansu talked about how Shakespeare is surviving in the internet age in her speech titled: “The Bard that Exists Online #Shakespeare”.

She reported that people were blown away by the freshness and uniqueness of the magazine and also revealed that the next issue is to feature an article about Shakespeare and Turkey.

Cansu’s talk was very well received and she was asked many stimulating questions about Shakespeare Magazine.

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