Murder, Cannibalism and Puppets as a version of Titus Andronicus with strings attached opens in New York

puppt titus
As Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London wraps up its hyper-realistic and bloody run of Titus Andronicus, over in New York the off-Broadway group The Puppet Shakespeare Players prepares to open a version of the play featuring puppets and silly-string gore galore.

In the style of the popular broadway show Avenue Q, Puppet Titus Andronicus will be performed by a mixture of live actors, puppeteers, and puppets. Although the presentation style is reminiscent of a children’s entertainment, the production will still feature all the violence and slaughter of the original text.

The company describes the production as “a comedic take” on what they refer to as  “Shakespeare’s ‘worst’ play” (a reference to the sniffy attitude critics have taken to Titus Andronicus through the centuries). At any rate, the performance is sure to differ from more serious recent stagings of Titus.

As a company, however, the PSP aims to “reinvent and reimagine the Bard’s work through comedy, puppetry and a variety of other mediums while staying true to the original intent and spirit of Shakespeare’s plays.”

This will be their third adaptation of a Shakespeare play for puppets, having already staged successful versions of Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet.

The show opens at The Beckett Theatre in New York City on 24 July.

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