Shakespeare Magazine is promoting one of our favourite apps, the excellent and ever-so-useful Shakespeare300


New York Times bestselling author James Reese, after 15 years of publishing for adults and young adults (including 5 books published in 12 languages), offers students and theatregoers alike a unique take on all Shakespeare’s plays, presented in concise (300 word) introductions, synopses and infographics in his new app, Shakespeare300.


Shakespeare300 provides:

• Portable insight into Shakespeare’s plays.

• Original content, including introductions and synopses.

• Colourful charts, infographics and a wealth of extras: Shakespearean Neologisms, Insults and a detailed Timeline.

Although Shakespeare300 is designed to be concise (the “300” in its title refers to the 300-word limit set on each section of text), it doesn’t skimp on rich content.

Building on advanced degrees in Linguistics and Dramatic Literature, Reese brings fresh, no-nonsense insight to the saturated world of Shakespearean reference materials.

The result is an entertaining, fast and fun reference app… both scholarly and a bit cheeky.


Shakespeare300 is perfect for:

Anyone desiring a better understanding of Shakespeare’s remarkable (yet sometimes intimidating) canon.

Students seeking a fun and thorough study guide-on-the-go.

Theatregoers looking to brush up on their Shakespeare by quickly reviewing the Bard’s complex plots and characters prior to any production.


If you’re heading back to school, college or university – or if you’re planning to see Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet and want to brush up on the play beforehand – the Shakespeare300 app is currently on sale at a special low price!

Go here to get Shakespeare300 now.