National Shakespeare Day

The 23rd of April has long been accepted as the official birthday of William Shakespeare, and many people are now campaigning for this date to become a recognised national holiday. Shakespeare Day has become a campaign that is being supported by many people and companies across the country. EasyJet hit the headlines recently when they unveiled a plane bearing Shakespeare’s face, showing their support for the Shakespeare Day movement. They are also offering customers the chance to win free flights with EasyJet by writing a sonnet that supports the Shakespeare Day, and offering free performance of Shakespeare’s plays at airports.

Are you ready for 23 April? It's National Shakespeare Day

Are you ready for 23 April? It’s National Shakespeare Day

Do you think it is time that the nation’s greatest playwright and poet was honoured with a national holiday? Or is it unnecessary, as he is already honoured in so many other ways? You can find more information on the campaign, or sign the petition to show your support for Shakespeare Day at or