“Shakespeare was an alien!” BBC historian Dr Lucy Worsley solves controversial Shakespeare authorship question with sensational Twitter reveal…

Historian Dr Lucy Worsley has apparently confirmed what scholars have suspected for decades, if not centuries – namely the fact that Earth’s greatest-ever author was in fact of extra-terrestrial origin.

Shakespeare Magazine Editor Pat Reid writes: It was just a regular Tuesday night as I settled down to watch BBC4′s Tales From The Royal Wardrobe presented by Dr Lucy Worsley, the ebullient Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces.

Dr Worsley is known for her irreverent sense of humour, as well as her penchant for dressing in historical costume whenever possible, and the programme treated Shakespeare fans to a thorough investigation of the magnificent and highly symbolic clothing of Queen Elizabeth I.

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At one point, Dr Worsley revealed that in 1599 (the year Shakespeare wrote Henry V, As You Like It, Julius Caesar and Hamlet), Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Wardrobe contained a staggering 1,326 dresses, taking up an entire London city block.

Although some of Her Majesty’s undergarments have survived the passage of four centuries, none of her dresses are with us today. I promptly posted this fact on the Shakespeare Magazine Twitter feed, adding the line “So, not much hope for Shakespeare’s notebooks, then…”

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This quickly saw some good-humoured replies from readers alluding to the so-called ‘Shakespeare Authorship Question’. But it wasn’t until the following morning that Dr Worsley herself entered the fray with the following Twitter bombshell:

“well actually both [Shakespeare and Elizabeth] were alien beings from space, obvs. NASA have proof but have covered up.”

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As Shakespeareans around the world responded with the words “I knew it all along!”, a spokesperson for NASA categorically denied the allegation, saying “I categorically deny the allegation.”*

To further add to the intrigue, earlier this year Dr Worsley visited the FBI headquarters in Washington DC under the pretext of meeting serial killer expert Agent Clarice Starling. However, speculation has arisen that this was in fact a cover for Dr Worsley’s real meeting with Agents Mulder and Scully, who specialise in extra-terrestrial investigations.

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An FBI spokesperson angrily refuted the claims, saying “I angrily refute the claims.”**

However, it now seems likely that literary scholars and historians alike will no longer be able to deny that William Shakespeare was indeed an alien. Case closed.

More from Dr Lucy Worsley on her official website.

Go here to watch Tales From The Royal Wardrobe on BBC4.


*Actually, I might have made this bit up.
**Also kind of made up.