A Midsummer Night’s Fantasy – Shakespeare’s fascinating fairies are explored in a suitably magical woodland photo essay by Freia Titland

New York-based Shakespearean actress Frei Titland writes:
“This project, entitled ‘Shakespeare’s Magical World’, sets out to explore the magical and ‘unnatural’ elements found in Shakespeare’s work.
“I gathered a team of incredibly talented individuals to help me bring my ideas to life.
“Dondre Stuetley and Patrick Berwise Jr. helped to create these magical images.
“The first installation explores the faeries in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
“Faeries during Shakespeare’s time weren’t always the friendly ones we meet in Midsummer.
“Therefore, I wanted to create an element of mystery along with jovial celebration.
“Another character makes an appearance in these images – Mother Nature.
“I think Mother Nature aids in orchestrating the events of the World and the Wild.
“We are also working on a ‘super short film’ for Midsummer.
“I would love to share that with you when it’s complete.”


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