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Cleopatra, Egypt’s famed Queen of the Nile, is quite possibly the most famous woman in history. Not even England’s greatest writer was immune from her fabled charms. Shakespeare fanned the flames of the world’s Cleo obsession with his play Antony and Cleopatra. Director Janet Suzman, who herself played the role at Stratford, describes it as “The best play for a woman ever written”.

We’re running a special feature on Cleopatra in Issue 2 of Shakespeare Magazine, and we want you to tell us your choice of Cleopatra cover star.

Choose the next Shakespeare Magazine cover star

Choose the next Shakespeare Magazine cover star

Should it be silent movie actress Theda Bara, nicknamed ‘The Vamp’, who portrayed Cleopatra on screen in 1917?

Or British film legend Vivien Leigh, star of the 1945 film Caesar & Cleopatra (by George Bernard Shaw).

Then there’s Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor, who headlined the notorious 1963 epic Cleopatra.

Needless to say, some tremendous stage actresses have tackled the Shakespeare role, including Helen Mirren (1965), Glenda Jackson (1978) and Judi Dench (1987). More recently, in 2012, Kim Cattrall joined their ranks:

Who is your choice for Shakespeare magazine’s Cleopatra cover star?

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